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hgflower: i'm done!!!!


hello all! my name is audrey, i'm 23 and i live in southern california. i'm currently attempting to finish college (transfer out of jc) and i'm a music major. what i'll do with this major i have yet to figure out. any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! or you can just look at my knitting..which is probably why you're here in the first place :)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

i'm done!!!!

i finally finished!!! well, not completely. i still need to weave in the ends, and block it. but i'm not doing the belt/loops because well.. i have a giant ass that will hold up this skirt without the need of a belt! plus, all the tops i like wearing would be covering that part anyways, so who needs it?
will post pictures eventually :)

so now i'm trying to figure out what else i'd like to knit next. i'm still contemplating the olympics, and i have 5 skeins of coal and 1 of asparagus from knitpicks that i bought on a whim. maybe another skirt? but this time with my own design?? (all black on the ruffle, plain body. green just above ruffle in a celtic band? too... ugly???) or maybe make cheeseylove from knitty but without sleeves since i don't have enough yarn.. or should i just cave in and order more?! but i don't have a job... and i'm going to vegas... and i like to eat in vegas......... hrmmm.. maybe i need to get a job again :( i hate not having money go into my bank account. it's depressing really. i think i just need to work up a bigger cash bubble next time.

:sigh: where was i? oh yea! excitment at ending my skirt :) i think i should dub it the grey's anatomy skirt rather than lauren since that's what i was watching like 99% of the time i was knitting it (even up to about 130am last night) i LOVE this show! i'm very excited that tonight is sunday so i can have my GA fix!! how lame am i? haha, but i can't decide who derek should end up with.. or if he's just a giant ass who deserves no one. but it's hard to hate an ass as gorgeous as patrick dempsey!

ok. i'm cutting myself off before i blab onto another topic. will be back later with pictures :)


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